Congratulations, Councilmember Yerha!

October 10, 2017

Wake County Board of Elections

Official Results
Ed Yerha 6,392 78.50%
George McDowell 1,409 17.30%
Jeff Alan De Deugd 296 3.64%
Write-in (miscellaneous) 46 0.56%

As of October 10, 2017 there were 106,599 registered voters in the Town of Cary. On Election Day 8,143 voters cast ballots. The turnout rate was therefore slightly under 7.64%, which means that for every person who voted, 12 persons did not.

Mr. Yerha won the At-Large race in a landslide, garnering 6,392 votes (78.50%). I finished a distant second with 1,409 votes (17.30%), and Mr. De Deugd, who campaigned little and spent nothing except his $10 filing fee, received 296 votes (3.64%). There were 46 write-ins.

I officially conceded to Mr. Yerha shortly after the polls closed on Election Night. That was mere formality. Unofficially I had conceded the race even before entering it back in March. My purpose in running was solely to raise the issue of the destruction of an entire generation of trees, which destruction has resulted in a downtown streetscape that is at best unappealing; long stretches of medians of our boulevards and parkways that are infinitely less pretty than Cary citizens deserve; and commercial parking lots and housing developments in Council-approved projects that are environmentally barren -- and will remain so at least for the balance of my lifetime and even for the lifetimes of those a lot younger than I.

For this position I was labeled a one-trick pony by both knee-jerk detractors and by those who -- rightly, I think -- truly believed that Mr. Yerha was the more experienced, more accomplished, more tactful and diplomatic, more knowledgeable, more effective, and better looking -- and thus the superior candidate.

To those who applied the label [AND to those who didn't] I offered guided tours of the Town, tours whose purpose was to point out the graphic, real-life ugliness that at least a decade of lack of policy has caused. No person who or organization that endorsed Mr. Yerha -- including the Democratic Party, the police, the realtors, the homebuilders, the League of Women Voters, IndyWeek, everybody who is anybody in the Cary establishment, the mayor and the other five members of the Town Council, or even the Sierra Club! -- accepted the offer of a tour.

Ironically [at least I think it's ironic -- I'm never sure I use the word in its correct sense] Mr. Yerha himself agreed to go on a tour with me. The significance of that act, I believe, even disregarding all of his other virtues, shows why he will continue to be a peerless representative of the citizens of the Town of Cary, and a major reason why he has my full and unqualified support.

When I kicked off my campaign this year, I made the "unreserved acknowledgment that the Town is one of the best managed and best administered jurisdictions in the United States. I'm grateful to the current and previous Councils and administrations of Cary for superintending a nationally-recognized, secure, and fiscally responsible city in which my wife and I have the privilege and pleasure to live."

After graduating the Cary School of Government, meeting members of the Town Council and many of those who serve the Town officially and unofficially, and talking extensively with fellow citizens, my belief is even stronger now than before. I think it true, that to whom much is given, much is expected, and that that belief holds equally for political jurisdictions as well as individuals. I further believe that the human soul is enriched when engaged in good works that benefit not only the doer but also the rest of humanity, and that, as President Roosevelt said, the place of those who strive mightily "shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat."

I'm transitioning the website from a campaign site to an informational [and I hope, inspirational] site. Understanding full well that I'm a losing candidate who got stomped in a fair and open election, I'll nevertheless continue to use the site to press for a "cabinet-level" department in the Town of Cary organization that will review all projects in which the Town engages for environmental sensitivity and that also stays abreast of emerging environmental technology and trends that would, if implemented, make Cary a healthier [and even more beautiful] town.

Thank you, Ed Yerha, for your civility and kindness in this 2017 campaign, and for making it a spirited, respectful, and positive adventure. I hope you had more fun that you did four years ago against Mr. / Ms. Write-In!

~George McDowell

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Objective #1

That the Town of Cary establish an office whose head reports directly to the Town Manager, dedicated solely to addressing environmental issues. The office will consist of two parts. One part will be a Skunk Works, a group given a high degree of autonomy and charged with devising ways that the Town can move rapidly towards sustainability. The second will be an inspection unit charged with ensuring compliance with sustainability measures undertaken by the Town.

Objective #2

That the Town of Cary establish within its limits a combination botanical garden, arboretum, and tree nursery.

Objective #3

That within the next decade, the Town of Cary properly plant one million additional trees within its borders and nurture them correctly.

Objective #4

That the Town of Cary adopt a long-lived and beautiful noble hardwood tree as its Official Tree.

Objective #5

That the Town of Cary re-start the now-defunct Wake County Champion and Notable Tree List, and that it be administered by volunteers using a donated program and server space.