This diagram, from the Town of Cary Community Appearance Manual [p. 37], is elegantly self-explanatory. Trees planted in conformance with this image will thrive. The only change I would make to it is an exception to the admonition against unamended backfill. The pits of trees planted in conjunction with simultaneous nearby construction are invariably the recipients of debris resulting from that construction. This debris must be removed and clean soil substituted for it.

I will propose legislation that will add two-year and three-year inspections of the trees after planting.

tree planting diagram

The following video details the proper way to plant a tree. More importantly, it discusses what is frequently done incorrectly in the planting process, and explains why those things result in trees that do not thrive. The quality of the video is not good — the information presented is invaluable.

This video below shows what to do in case the strictures of the diagram and first video are ignored. Many trees improperly planted and cared for are damaged to the extent that they will never thrive and be beautiful and beneficial to humans. Some trees can be salvaged. A professional arborist can determine if a tree can thrive. I know that Bartlett Tree Experts can make the determination, and if the tree can be saved, the company has an Air-Spade and other equipment to do the job. Other arborist companies might also be able to perform the operation.


Objective #1

That the Town of Cary establish an office whose head reports directly to the Town Manager, dedicated solely to addressing environmental issues. The office will consist of two parts. One part will be a Skunk Works, a group given a high degree of autonomy and charged with devising ways that the Town can move rapidly towards sustainability. The second will be an inspection unit charged with ensuring compliance with sustainability measures undertaken by the Town.

Objective #2

That the Town of Cary establish within its limits a combination botanical garden, arboretum, and tree nursery.

Objective #3

That within the next decade, the Town of Cary properly plant one million additional trees within its borders and nurture them correctly.

Objective #4

That the Town of Cary adopt a long-lived and beautiful noble hardwood tree as its Official Tree.

Objective #5

That the Town of Cary re-start the now-defunct Wake County Champion and Notable Tree List, and that it be administered by volunteers using a donated program and server space.