The first video shows each step in the proper planting of a tree. Eric Vorodi, a certified arborist in Pennsylvania, explains in professional detail the reasons behind each step.

If any step in the process is done incorrectly, the planting is a failure and the tree will not reach its potential.

Mr. Vorodi's demo is the most detailed I could find that has been filmed. Unfortunately, the quality of the video is not good. Mr. Vorodi speaks as he works, which results in a lot of dead air. I cut much of that and also speeded up the video to 133%. This makes his voice sound very high. But it's not unbearable, and the reasons he gives for what to do and (and more importantly, what not to do) are critical if a tree is to survive and thrive.

The problems of improper planting and nurture are not confined to Cary and Morrisville, they are nationwide and worldwide. Improper planting of trees is a major cause of the earth's present inability to drawdown carbon dioxide, ozone, and particulate pollution from the atmosphere.


This video shows a way to salvage an improperly planted and nurtured tree.

Whether a single tree lives or dies is not a major concern for most of us. It is when a significant percentage of the population of trees decreases to a level that affects our health and the health of our loved ones that we grow concerned – or should grow concerned.

The Towns of Cary and Morrisville should each acquire one [or more!] of these machines and train crews to operate them. The return on investment is immediate, although indirect, in that the return is measured in healthier citizens and more aesthetically-pleasing surroundings.